Web3 and Community-Driven Development

I’m in charge of communications and community at Web3 Enabler, and I’m pleased to share some insights as to what exactly community-driven development entails, and why I’m proud to be a blockchain community builder. 

Community-Driven Development as the Backbone of Web3

I enjoy engaging with various global blockchain communities on communications channels, such as Discord and Telegram. I learn so much from the diverse perspectives and shared passion that other builders in these ecosystems bring to their projects. It is an absolute joy having this comprise a significant portion of my job. This type of diversity and enthusiasm is also a critical component of the information security community, which greatly overlaps with web3.

It is also, of course, very exciting to meet fellow change-making entrepreneurs in the crypto space in person at meetups and conferences. The presentations are inspiring and energizing, and the “lobby conning” opportunities provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with peers. 

The Power of Decentralized Governance and Funding

One of the benefits of decentralization is the opportunity to prioritize contribution and merit in the allocation of rewards of various sorts.

A significant amount of decision-making about blockchain grants reflect builders’ dedication to maximizing the impact the ecosystems can make.   This distinguishes the crypto world from harmful bias and self-interested behavior and aligns incentives in branding and reputation management.

I also had the pleasure of discussing the evolution of funding for open source projects with Abravera Co-Founders, Adam de Delva, Jeffrey Turner, on the Mutual Knowledge podcast. I truly enjoyed engaging in this discussion about how collaboration and technological innovation can improve the discovery of talent and tools that can change our world.

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