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Welcome to Web3 Enabler, a platform where innovation meets practicality in the realm of blockchain technology.


I’m Alex Hochberger, and my journey in the tech industry spans over two decades, enriched with diverse experiences and notable achievements. With a foundation in Computer Science from MIT and an MBA from Fuqua/Duke, my career has been a blend of technical expertise and strategic leadership.

At the heart of my professional endeavors lies a passion for evolving technologies. This led me to found Feratech, Inc, and later take on pivotal roles at CreditCards.com, Recovery Unplugged, Z9 Ventures, and MonetizeNet. Each experience has been a building block in understanding the complexities and potentials of technology in business.

With Web3 Enabler, I aim to bring this wealth of knowledge to the forefront of blockchain applications. Our goal is not just to harness the power of Web3 but to make it accessible and usable for businesses and individuals alike. We’re dedicated to simplifying the integration of blockchain technology into existing systems, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

As we embark on this journey together, I invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Whether you’re new to blockchain or looking for ways to incorporate it into your business, Web3 Enabler is here to guide you through every step.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting venture.


Alex Hochberger
Founder & CEO

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Alexander Smart, JD
General Counsel


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Alex Hochberger
Founder & CEO


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Peter Hubshman
Accounting and Finance


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Niles Lee-Smith
Business Development & Marketing


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Zoe Braiterman
Communications & Community


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Gauthier Lamothe
Business Development & Podcast


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François-René Rideau
Mathematics & Security


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Rebeca Kaplan
Design & Marketing


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