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Send and accept crypto payments on the world’s leading CRM, ERP and BI software, with one click.

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What is Web3 Enabler​

Set up in 5 minutes

No crypto expertise needed. Start accepting crypto payments easily.

Lower Transaction Cost 

Web3 Enabler integrates cryptocurrency, especially Stablecoins, into CRM and accounting systems for direct, lower-cost, faster-settling customer payments, outperforming traditional methods.

Quick Settlements

By integrating crypto payment capabilities, Salesforce users can accelerate payment processing, resulting in improved cash flow and customer satisfaction.



Smart contracts on blockchain automate and transparently execute agreements for Salesforce users. This technology automates payments, reduces manual tasks, and triggers Salesforce actions like record updates and workflows based on set payment conditions.

Simplified Checkout

Crypto payments simplify checkout by removing the need for credit cards and complex gateways, allowing Salesforce users to offer a secure, convenient payment option in their e-commerce platforms.

Loyalty Programs

Blockchain enables token-based loyalty programs in Salesforce, allowing users to reward customers with redeemable digital tokens for purchases and benefits, enhancing engagement and brand loyalty.

No Technical Skill Required

Web 3 Enabler is an easy to install, In less than five minutes. Choose your wallet, or your company and there you go. You can now accept payments in cryptocurrencies.No technical knowledge of Web 3 or cryptocurrencies is required.

Easy-to-use crypto payment processing for any business

Easy-to-use crypto payment processing for any business



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Web 3 Enabler
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Web 3 Enabler
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Web 3 Enabler
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Start processing crypto payments today!

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