Community Perspectives on Web3 Security

Cyber criminals often perform scams that eventually result in cryptocurrency payouts. These scams have become increasingly prevalent as the blockchain world continues to innovate. Web3 security is clearly a priority!

Community Input on Web3 Security

Expert Red Teamer, Phillip Wylie, shared just how vulnerable the technologies we use can be, and how developers can design products with security in mind.  We can apply many of these concepts to web3 security. 

Web3 security entrepreneur, Shivani Sharma, shared how big bounty programs and community efforts can help us to secure emerging technologies, such as decentralized applications (dApps).

The results of an X poll I conducted seem to confirmed that secure by design principles are particularly important in developing Web3 technology.

Commitment to Security by Design

Olympix Founder and CEO, Channi Greenwall, describes how to implement secure by design principles in blockchain development on the Mutual Knowledge Systems podcast. Channi, Gauthier Lamothe and I had an interesting discussion about the importance of secure architecture and coding education, SAST tools and formal verification.

We at Web3 Enabler understand the importance of securing digital assets. Our product is designed with security, as well as other cryptocurrency payment design principles, in mind to make cryptocurrency transactions safe for your business.

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