Principles of Web3 Branding

Web3 branding is among the ways that businesses can leverage blockchain technology.

Principles of Web3 branding

Web3 is a movement that grants individuals ownership over their identity, content and assets is among the core principles of web3, compared to web1 or web2. Web3 is characterized as the “read, write, own” Web.

A community survey on the subject

Web3 allows us to truly customize our online personas in a variety of exciting ways. I conducted an X poll asking participants what part of their online brand is most important to them. The responses were as follows.

  • Website:  42.5%
  • Social media posts:  32.5%
  • Headshots / avatars:  7.5%
  • Other:  17.5%

Indeed, the prevalence of avatars, in place of traditional professional headshots, empowers us to customize our image in ways that were previously unheard of!

Web3 provides additional unique opportunities for us to build our personal brands, some of which utilize innovative tools. Consider the following examples. 

  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS):  This allows you to create domain names with .eth as it’s top level domain (TLD). GoDaddy, a commonly used domain registrar, also allows users to link an ENS domain with an existing Domain Name Service (DNS) domain. 
  • The ability to accept cryptocurrency payments as part of your regular business operations

Learn more from web3 branding experts. 

As with other topics in emerging technology, branding on the blockchain brings up some great discussion among experts and enthusiasts in the space. Learn more from experts, Jaime Schwarz, Rebeca Kaplan and me, on the Web3 Enabler Real World Blockchain podcast!

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