Web3 for Small Businesses

Blockchain has the potential to build opportunities for businesses and individuals around the world. Rebeca Kaplan wrote a guide to help understand the benefits of web3 for small businesses. 

Cryptocurrencies also empower businesses to build social impact and address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as financial inclusion, economic growth and remittances.

Various web3 entrepreneurs also share their inspiring stories on the Mutual Knowledge System podcast. Innovators from around the world solve pain points that are meaningful to them and their communities. It is important that we facilitate such knowledge sharing in building the future of finance!

Inspiration From Our Team about Web3 for Small Businesses

Our team members, along with our partners, take great pride in building Web3 payment rails that enable businesses to simply and safely manage cryptocurrency payments. 

I am proud to share some inspirational quotes from our founders based on discussions we had during Small Business Month. 

“Web3 and Blockchain transactions are the greatest normalizer for small business since the credit card. Just like credit cards let you sell to anyone without an Accounts Receivable process, Blockchain transactions let small businesses conduct international business with lower transaction costs than large businesses have. It can increase gross profits 25% over existing payment rails.” – Alex Hochberger, Founder & CEO

“Blockchain payments are revolutionizing international small business. The same way smartphones connected the far-flung outposts of the developing world to the internet, the lower costs and high speed  of blockchain and Web3 payments significantly lower the barriers to entry for small businesses to operate internationally, opening markets and creating opportunities that have never been possible before.” – Alexander Smart, General Counsel

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