Qualities of Effective Web3 Education

Technological innovation is only as good as its capacity to be used to make users’ lives easier. Effective web3 education allows people to learn enough about the technology in time to use it. Creating content for personal or business needs is both a science and an art. 

As technology leaders, we must to empower learners to digest and apply new technical knowledge in a timely manner.

What makes web3 education effective?

In my experience, the following aspects of Web3 educational content are paramount. 

  • There’s something for everyone:  Targeted content should be created for specific stakeholder groups. For example, developers will likely want to access step-by-step technical documentation and GitHub repositories. End-users, on the other hand, will more likely want to read a higher level user guide.  
  • Begins with context:  It is important to provide learners with a framework for understanding the instructions (how-to guides, etc.) that follow. In the Web3 space, this may include an overview of decentralized finance and its benefits, or an explanation of technical architecture, depending on the type of content  and its intended audience.
  • Is accessible and relevant to learners at all levels:  Content should be made available to learners at all skill and knowledge levels and should be offered in multiple languages in order to reach learners from various parts of the world. 

My colleague, Rebeca Kaplan, and I discuss in greater detail on our podcast.

Examples of effective Web3 educational content:

The following are examples of well constructed web3 learning resources. 

  • The Web3 Enabler “Blockchain Tutorials” YouTube playlist:  A collection of walkthroughs of various blockchain ecosystems, led by members of our team at Web3 Enabler
  • The XRP Ledger Learning Portal
  • Stellar Quest:  A gamified platform that allows plays to familiarize themselves with the Stellar ecosystem
  • Rabbit Hole:  A community-driven set of challenges, which enable users to interact with various blockchains
  • Alchemy University:  An interactive platform for learning technical web3 skills, such as programming in JavaScript and Solidity  

Remember to keep learning and building, and enjoying the process! 

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