Web3 Capacity-building for a Sustainable Future

Web3 capacity-building allows us to use technology to build a more secure, sustainable future.

Capacity-building with the United Nations

I had the pleasure of participating in the Global Roundtable on ICT Security Capacity-Building at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. During the discussion, UN Development Program Administrator, Achim Steiner, emphasized that we must build the following for effective cybersecurity strategy.

  • Safe and resilient systems 
  • Trust in digital services
  • Financial inclusion

The discussion reminded me how important it is that technologists like myself use innovation to address hard problems.   

Web3 presents a unique opportunity to empower us to do that. 

The Web3 Community’s Commitment to Sustainable Development

I was also glad to see the following examples of certain blockchain ecosystems taking initiative.

  • The Cardano Catalyst ecosystem SDG Proposer Tool:  Offered as part of the Fund 12 submission process, which shows true commitment to sustainable development
  • Stellar’s low energy consensus protocol: Provides great opportunity for a sustainable future of finance
  • Circle Impact A collaboration between the Circle ecosystem and other organizations across the private and public sectors to create meaningful change

Web3 Enabler’s Commitment to Web3 Capacity-building

By bringing cryptocurrency transactions to the masses, Web3 Enabler offers a unique opportunity for mission-driven blockchain ecosystems to scale their impact.

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