Web3 Enabler Social Media Posts – March, 2024

One can learn a lot from what a company chooses to post on its social media account, especially when sharing information about Web3 and all of its complexities. 

That said, I’m pleased to share some highlights from the social media landscape, from this week.

Industry Insights

  1. Circle CEO, Jeremy Allaire, reminds us that we need to build trust in the digital dollar and regulate stablecoins in order to foster global commerce.

2. Dedicated to financial inclusion and access for participation in the digital economy, the Stellar Development Foundation responds to the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Request for Information on Financial Inclusion.

3. Explore how the UK’s “digital pound” could be a game changer for businesses. 

Product Updates and Blog Posts

We continue to share frequent updates on our product, as well as blog posts from our team. 

  1. Our UX and marketing expert, Rebeca Kaplan, explains how business leaders can transact with digital currency.

2. Rebeca also provides us with a guide for integrating Salesforce with Web3 as part of a company’s digital transformation strategy.

Podcast Episodes

  1. We remind you to check out our Real World Blockchain podcast on YouTube for frequent updates on all things crypto adoption!

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