Empowering Women in Blockchain: International Women’s Day 2024 Insights

Web3 opens doors to financial inclusion.

I take pride in using International Women’s Day to spotlight the examples below, which I had the joy of discussing with Gauthier Lamother on the Web3 Enabler podcast 

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

  • The rise of the solopreneur: Open source tools and a community dedicated to education and collaboration reduce entry barriers for building.
  • Ability-based success: Decentralization empowers us to act without seeking approval from any authority. Committing to develop and apply our skills and knowledge ensures our inclusion, setting aside differences and overcoming biases.
  • Innovation as a prerequisite: A shared commitment to innovation stands as the sole requirement for starting a business in the web3 space.

Opportunities for Users

Inclusive finance participation: Not being an accredited investor doesn’t block anyone from enjoying the benefits of decentralized finance. This opens up chances for inclusive and diverse representation.

Maggie Love, the founder of SheFi, expressed similar enthusiasm in her interview, “Unlocking Financial Freedom for Women Through DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs,” on the Outlier Ventures The Metaverse Podcast. 

My advice to women aiming to enter the Web3 space mirrors my recommendations for women venturing into other technology sectors:

Be bold. Embrace experimentation and don’t aim for perfection.Pursue knowledge and mentorship. Engage with other innovative individuals committed to mutual support and upliftment.

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