Rebeca Kaplan brings over a decade of rich experience in UX/UI design, marketing to the cutting edge world of web3. Her extensive background in product design is highlighted by her achievements in fostering communities and spearheading innovative projects. Rebeca has been instrumental in developing a thriving community of over 600 UX/UI designers, guiding them through more than 100 design sprints focused on collaboration and innovation within the digital landscape.

Her career trajectory through startups, tech, non-profits, and particularly the blockchain sector has deeply enriched her design philosophy. This journey has enabled Rebeca to master the art of crafting interfaces that not only seamlessly integrate the real with the digital but also resonate profoundly with users on an intuitive level. Her pivotal roles at PIXL8 Partners, where she acted as OpenNode’s primary Marketing contact and ShiftPixy where she led a creative team, marked significant milestones, enhancing organic engagement and leading to a 200% surge in app downloads, respectively.

Rebeca’s expertise extends beyond traditional design paradigms, embracing the potentials of web3 technology to create user-centric digital experiences that are both intuitive and engaging. Driven by her travels and a fervent enthusiasm for web3, Rebeca is dedicated to making the digital domain more accessible and tailored to user needs. Her mission is to navigate the exciting and evolving landscape of web3, crafting impactful digital experiences and fostering a vibrant community of designers ready to explore the new digital frontier.

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