Accept XRP Payments in Salesforce

Web3 can empower businesses of all sizes by making payments faster, more secure and more accessible to customers around the world.

We at Web3 Enabler are proud to empower our users to accept XRP in Salesforce, as part of our mission to bring blockchain payments to the world’s leading CRM.

Open Source App to Empower Users to Accept XRP in Salesforce

We at Web3 Enabler have developed an open source app, as part of the XRP Ledger Grants Wave 6 cohort, which allows Salesforce Administrators to send and accept XRP in Salesforce. The GitHub repository includes instructions on how to Salesforce to test out the app using the repository or an unlocked package.

This app allows users to accept and send transactions in XRP directly to and from a Salesforce Org Wallet, as a Salesforce Administrator would do in handling payments in fiat currencies.

XRP for Salesforce V2 Plans

We look forward to continue to build upon what we have started on the XRP Ledger. As a next step, we hope to provide unlocked and managed packages for the main XRP for Salesforce application plus the Cloud Specific add ons, as part of our commercial offering, as a Salesforce ISV partner. main XRP for Salesforce plus the Cloud Specific add ons (6 packages in total).  

Unlocked Packages (the 2GP Packaging system improvement on the 1GP Unmanaged Packages) provides open installation. Managed Packages must go through the extensive security review for Salesforce.

To be comparable with the 2GP Packaging system, we offer a base package, usable on ANY Salesforce Org (also called a or Platform installation), plus add-ons for the common and logical Salesforce “Clouds” – their name for products.

Most Salesforce installations include:Most Salesforce installations include Sales or Service Cloud, Ecommerce solutions, which utilize Commerce Cloud and Accounting Seed, a third party product that offers a full General Ledger/ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) environment in Salesforce.

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